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ST Tactical Optic Armoured Patch Cord


Below is drawing for the ST ST 6 core Tactical Optic Armoured Patch Cord with Yellow Sheath LSZH 10mtrs Gland M25,

Length 10Mtr, fan out 40cm, 2.0mm


1, Connector type
2, cable marker, 1-1,...6-6
3, fanout tube 2.0mm yellow, LSZH, and fanout can be added spiral armour
4, fanout kit
5, gland M25

cable gland.jpg

6, Pulling eye, pulling socker and waving tubing can be added as the protection to the fanout, details like below

pulling eye.jpg

7,Packing: wrapping in a circule or wrapping on a double layer reel

package 2

1, Single mode fibers (9/125 SM G652D)
2, Test wavelength: 1310/1550nm
3, Insertion Loss (Max): -0.3dB
4, Return Loss (RL): APC>60
5, Durability: <0.1dB typical change,1000 repeatability

1, Low insertion and back reflection loss;
2, Good exchangeability;
3, Good durability;
4, High temperature stability;
5, Standard: TelcordiaGR-326-CORE.

6, The patchcord comply to CE requirement




Remark: Each patchcord shall be tested by fiber end face and Insertion Loss&Return Loss to make sure each patchcord meet the Standard: TelcordiaGR-326-CORE. Meanwhile, each patch cord can be tracked from the production,packing and shipping.!

You can be worry free to co work with us WIRENET! 

Product Details

Cable specification:

armoured cable.JPG

armoured cable details .JPG

Test Report:

Logo can be customized

label on the package.JPG

Ordering Information
1, Fiber count: 1,2,3,4...48 core
2, Connector: LC/SC/FC/ST/E2000/MTRJ/SMA
3, Polishing way: APC/UPC
4, Fiber type: SM 9/125, MM 50/125, 62.5/125, OM3,OM4
5, Sheath Material: PVC, LSZH, and flame resistance and high flame resistance material 
6, Length: XX Meter

7, Packing: wrapping in a circule or wrapping on a double layer reel

8, Protecting elemet: pullling eye,pulling socket and waving tubing

9, Adding the cable gland or not and what is the workable diameter for the gland

ordering inf.png

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