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2 port FTTH box SC LC Dual-port Optical Fiber Panel


product description

  1. The box body is made of excellent flame retardant engineering plastics, with good sealing performance and weather resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall hanging and pole holding installation and use, with protection grade up to IP55;
  2. Special leather fiber optic cable fixed position, ensure that the pulling force is not less than 20N after the leather fiber optic cable is fixed;
  3. Special fast connector transit hole, leather cable end fast connector can be carried out outside the box, end fast connector operation is more convenient;
  4. Reliable armored fiber optic cable introduction, fixation, stripping protection and grounding device, up to 2 outdoor armored fiber optic cables can be fixed;
  5. Multi-functional welding protection seat, which can meet the requirements of placing 36 core welding protection sleeve or 18 core cold connector;
  6. Flip plate structure design, make full use of box space, ensure sufficient bending radius of fiber throughout, more convenient for users to reserve suitable redundant fiber.


Product name Dual-port Optical Fiber Panel
Model SJ-9
Specifications Model 120 SC LC interface
Material ABS
Application Fiber optic network wiring

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